“Because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday.”

So said controversial rapper-turned-sneaker mogul Kanye West about his bid to run for President and take over the White House.

In an interview with Forbes, West said that he no longer supports President Trump (“I am taking the red hat off, with this interview”), that he’s never voted in his life and was sick with COVID-19 in February, that he’s an anti-vaxxer and that he’s absolutely okay with demolishing the Democratic nominee by siphoning of Black votes – “I’m not denying it, I just told you. To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy.”

This is the same man who said that slavery was a choice.

Go figure.

That’s not all, West also said that “planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work” and that he would run the White House like Wakanda, the fictional super-powerful and technologically advanced country portrayed in Black Panther.

“I don’t know if I would use the word ‘policy’ for the way I would approach things. I don’t have a policy when I went to Nike and designed Yeezy and went to Louis and designed a Louis Vuitton at the same time. It wasn’t a policy, it was a design. We need to innovate the design to be able to free the mind at this time,” he also told Forbes about developing policies that would not only affect America but also the world.

This seems surreal but most of 2020 has felt that way. Word of caution: please do not vote for West as a joke.