It’s finally happened! Supreme Court, though only for six months, has banned the ‘unconstitutional’ practice of triple talaq in India till the Parliament frames a law. It was long time coming but what’s more surprising is the reaction to it from some sections of the society.

Detractors have called it an attack on Islamic practices after the All India Muslim Personal Law Board had previously asked the apex court to not meddle with personal laws. But they simply don’t understand that someone’s basic rights cannot be challenged by archaic practices. Here’s why:

Triple talaaq is un-islamic!

For starters, the current interpretation of triple talaq seems largely inspired by cinema so that a man can divorce his wife simply by uttering the word ‘talaq’ thrice. Not that we support gender inequality, but technically there’s a long process involved even in the utterance of the word thrice — which sometimes can span over several months. 

Here‘s one creative interpretation of the Quran on marriage and divorce. Feel free to flinch at all the other regression, but check it out and figure the technicalities for yourself.

Islamic countries set examples

Even in its latest judgment, the SC referred to many Islamic countries (even the most regressive ones like Pakistan) who have abolished triple If they can do it, ‘why can’t independent (and secular) India get rid of it?’

Basic human rights

Forget other Islamic countries, it’s a matter of equality irrespective of gender. How do you expect a man to be the sole decision maker in a marriage? If that’s the case then why do these men not get themselves dolls instead, so that they cant throw them away as per their whims and fancies.

It’s the 21st Century goddamnit! 

Let’s assume that Muhammad, the Islamic prophet, was able to divorce his wive(s) by saying talaq three times. But let’s keep in mind that it was 14 f*cking hundred years ago! Since then, the world has evolved to become a goal-oriented, result-driven place that doesn’t want to care about your gender (or at least that’s what we’re trying to achieve).

So even if your ‘messenger of god’ had practiced triple talaaq in the 7th century, doesn’t common sense drive you to think that it’s time for you and your practices to evolve as well.

Vote bank politics

The latest SC verdict is definitely a step in the right direction but there’s no denying the politics that both the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party BJP and the Congress have played over it. Muslims should understand that the sooner the issue is resolved the better; otherwise they’ll continue to be enslaved as the minority pawns on India’s dark political stage.

Prominent lawyer and women’s rights activist Flavia Agnes summed it up the best in her Aligarh Muslim University speech. Although she supported the women fighting for the abolition of triple talaaq, she said that the ban will ‘not extinguish her economic rights, [and the ban] is not a magic wand that will solve all her problems.’ 

“The whole debate is skewed and political, catering to the ruling government’s Muslim bashing agenda, and media is a prime player in this,” she said.

We hope that the oppressed are uplifted by the triple talaq ban, but also that Indian Mulsims stop behaving as a vote bank and think about the larger picture for once.

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