Scientists have been making huge medical strides everyday, but till now, we don’t have a way to completely get rid of cancer. The only way to detect the presence of cancer is through checkups and early diagnosis. But maybe, that’s not it.

According to a report by Indiatimes, scientists in Australia have discovered a new way to test for early stage cancer by only using the patient’s blood. Through the use of a simple colour-changing fluid, researchers at the University of Queensland, developed a universal cancer test that can help detect the presence of malignant cancer cells in the body. The most remarkable part about this test is that you don’t have to spend hours worrying about the result because it just takes 10 minutes.

Dr. Laura Carrascosa, a researcher on the study alongside Professor Matt Trau and Dr. Abu Sina, told the Guardian, “A major advantage of this technique is that it is very cheap and extremely simple to do, so it could be adopted in the clinic quite easily.”

Constant improvements and refinements are being done on the test so as to be universally applicable and officially approved.