Trolls are so predictable. The minute you stand up against injustice or advocate against a government policy, they rush to defend their masters with these three words – “but what about”. If you’re on Twitter and happen to follow Swara Bhasker, you’ll know that the actress is vocal about civil rights, and on multiple occasions, has taken a stand against the government’s inadequacy in providing the country’s citizens with basic necessities.

In the light of the Muzaffarnagar shelter rapes, the trolls came together to attack Bhasker and wondered why the actress and her Bollywood compatriots hadn’t come together to condemn it in the form of a placard-protest. Her supporters were quick to join in and held their own satirical protest online, blaming ‘PM’ Swara Bhasker for running a shit-show in the form of a government and asking her to resign.

Take a look:









It is not uncommon to see the trolls blame everybody on the planet for the rise in rapes, decline in employment and general mismanagement of the country, except the ones who should be held to account – the government. This time around, the sane ones on the micro-blogging app seem to have amped their game.

In an interview with Arnesh Ghose of MW, Bhasker had said that if she could be anybody for a day, she’d be the PM. “I would be the Prime Minister and take a whole bunch of decisions that could not be changed, and people would have to live by those rules. I would scrap Section 377 and make it the right to marry whoever you want, no bar, and put it into our fundamental rights. I would make freedom of expression much stronger than it is right now. I would do a whole bunch of shit,” she had said.