According to Hypebeast, Unicode Consortium has approved the final emoji list for 2020. Almost 117 new emojis would be introduced across major platforms later this year. The new emojis are focused on gender-inclusivity, as well as some mood delivering emojis like the ‘Italian hand gesture’ and the ‘smile cry’.

Check out the lineup below and keep scrolling to see which ones Twitter is most excited about.

There are 62 emoji in 55 new gender types and skin tone variants. The “person in veil” emoji and “person in tuxedo” emoji, which currently only portrays a woman and a man respectively also get a gender-inclusive update. Along with these, they have also added transgender flag emoji and the transgender symbol.

The new emojis were met with a positive response on social media. Particularly for the inclusive additions and for the cry smile. Take a look below.