If you want to grab Wiz Khalifa’s attention, drop the W Bomb. Making an appearance at the TimeOut72 festival in Goa during his first trip to India last weekend, the rapper got candid with us on various issues, including parenthood, future work and of course the legalisation of weed. 

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“I definitely think weed should be legalized worldwide. We have already seen the good that it does. It’s time for us to let everyone hit the Khalifa Kush,” he tells us. The 30-year-old had also invested in and created his own strain of marijuana — the Khalifia Kush, which hit dispensaries in Colorado and California in 2016.

It was only last year that the ‘See You Again’ artist also launched his new mobile app called ‘Weed Farm.’ It allows players to operate marijuana farms where they can grow and harvest cannabis plants, after which they can reinvest proceeds to create their own brands and businesses to sell the pot.

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What else happened last year, we ask him? “2017 was a fun year. When I look back on the year I think mostly about how much my son as grown, and how I have grown as a father,” he responds.

“(His 2017 mixtape) ‘Laugh Now Fly Later’ was really fun to make ’cause it’s organic. I got to work primarily with my Taylor Gang homie Sledgren on this project and we’ve been working together for years so it came together like that.”


So, after a ‘dope’ 2017, what’s in store for Wiz this year? “2018 is going to be a big year. We got a lot of new work coming out. Be patient and you will get to see it all in time,” he concludes.

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