According to a startling report that came out last year in the CSR journal, Indians waste as much food as the whole of the United Kingdom consumes. The report goes on to state that around 21 million tonnes of the country’s wheat produce is wasted and that 40 per cent of the food produced in India supposedly goes to the trash. Considering India’s infamous wealth gap, this isn’t good.

Naturally, the big, fat Indian wedding plays a huge role in this food wastage along with the other festivities we enjoy. Keeping that in mind, The Economic Times reports that the Delhi government might just put a cap on the number of people that can be invited to a wedding.

The state government informed the Supreme Court that it is in the process of filing a policy which will put down limits on the number of guests and the food available at such functions. The court had earlier expressed concerns regarding food wastage, the paper further reports.

“It is unacceptable in a city which is witnessing drinking water crisis and even alleged starvation deaths,” SC had said.

“We can have guest control on one hand and regulation under the Food Safety and Standards Act where institutional arrangements can be made between the caterers and NGOs, who are providing foods to the destitutes,” Delhi Chief Secretary Vijay Kumar Dev told the SC, according to ET.

“The excess food in marriage functions either goes in waste or the “stale” food was used by caterers in subsequent wedding functions which could lead to serious health issues,” he added.

(Header credits: Wikimedia Commons)