fifty_shades_of_grey_teaser_poster1Finally the wait is over. Or so you might think. Fans of the very popular Fifty Shades series have been hankering for a film for a long time now. The numerous fan films and mock trailers with ‘dream casts’ available online are proof of that. The grapevine has been buzzing with rumours for a while now and finally, Universal and Focus Pictures have released the first official trailer of the film.
Now, don’t get too excited. The film releases on Valentine ’s Day 2015. Which means two things – a) it is a long wait and b) the producers are pitching this as nothing more than a soppy love story to woo soppy lovers on a day that celebrates soppiness. Let’s face it: the book is no love story. It is a self-indulgent racy paperback meant for the dirtiest fantasies. Sex is not the end game, it’s the beginning. The trailer introduces the lead pair, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, in Grey’s minimalistic office and home – because for some reason minimalism is supposed to be intimidating. And yeah, Grey’s rich. They’ve established that generously. Heck, it starts off more like a psychological thriller than a BDSM film. And you get only fleeting glimpses of the ‘red room of pain’ and riding crops and nylon ropes. That’s all. Not enough at all.
We don’t know why no popular face was roped in because neither Dornan nor Johnson leaves you craving for more. Maybe, it’s too early to tell? Anyway, director Sam Taylor-Johnson and the film’s makers are surely going to have a hit in their hands. If popularity is anything to go by, the trailer clocked a million hits within hours of its release.