sonu ultraA thinner gadget than you already own is the need of the day, and Sony’s Ultra HD 4K TV has set a new definition for thin.The newest addition to Sony’s 4k TV lineup is this crazily thin 75 inch panel, with speakers. Sony also wants to focus on its HDR features – HDR, or high dynamic range, is being widely used in smartphone cameras, and now it makes its way into smart TVs, too. Wired makes an attempt to explain it in simple words. “It’s actually just finely tuned contrast, with a wider range between dark and lights. Done correctly, it gives one set both the benefits of plasma (darks) and LED (brights). It’s also a way to generate a picture meant to rival the dynamic range of OLED, but without the cost of OLED technology”

It’s been noted that this might not be a perfect 4K TV for side angle viewing, though. In a review of this newly launched TV, it was reported that the smart interface of this TV was not as smooth as 4K TVs from Samsung and LG. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t stop Sony from creating waves. If you are not sure whether you want to pick this one up, have a look at a 4K review, which narrows down a few positives and negatives.

Excellent display
Superb built-in speakers; probably the best in the 4K TV market
Great connectivity
Access to the Sony 4K media player

Massive, bulky
Off-angle viewing isn’t the best
Very expensive
Smart TV interface isn’t that smart