Boba Fett prototype figures remain a rarity within the Star Wars collector’s space. As such, the L-Slot edition of the Boba Fett rocket-firing action figure may currently be one of the most expensive on sale.

An eBay listing for a vintage Boba Fett figure is being sold for $225,000 USD. The figure was originally designed by Kenner intended for a 1979 release before the theatrical debut of The Empire Strikes Back, the character’s first appearance in the Star Wars franchise. However, the blue-tint trooper, alongside several other Boba Fett figures around this time, came with a missile-firing jetpack deemed to be a choking hazard. As a result, the prototypes moved forward in mass without the rocket, making the ones with the accessory highly coveted.

Only a handful of these collectibles are available from the 80 to 100 pieces produced, with the last selling for $185,850 USD (approx Rs 13 lakh), outdoing an earlier record of $112,926 USD (approx Rs 8 lakh)