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To Noah or not to Noah?

Trevor Noah replaces Jon Stewart as the new host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show amidst major Twitter criticism

about4Yes, Jon Stewart has been bid adieu. Shocking as that might seem, what comes as a bigger surprise is his successor. 31 year old South African comedian, Trevor Noah, breaks the cliché of old white men hosting late night talk shows by replacing Jon Stewart as the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

While Noah has already shot for three episodes, the internet is bursting with criticism against some of the new host’s older tweets about the Jewish community and women. Offensive or tongue-in-cheek? Decide for yourself.

Most people are finding Noah’s choice as The Daily Show host rather disappointing but, the channel is standing by Noah, calling him rather ‘provocative’ and not offensive. The Daily Show has long been a source of satirical news, and the question of who would replace Stewart has been the subject of intense speculation. As more of Noah’s old tweets were dug up and RTed, a number of people expressed their disgust on social media –

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