Have you tracked your runs yet?

Puma launches Tracmyrun.com – website for runners to record, perform and be #foreverfaster

image001Facebook groups are a thing of the past. Yes, don’t be shocked. If you are a serious athlete or a running enthusiast, finding a forum of like-minded runners might be quite difficult. Until now. Puma has partnered with Runners For Life, a running club in Mumbai, to launch Tracmyrun.com – a website dedicated to the sport in India. Tracmyrun.com is a platform which helps a runner to record all his or her timed race statistics on one portal. It also facilitates in comparing the runner’s progress against his past runs and also with other runners during a host of competitive races across the country.

image003How does the website function?
Tracmyrun.com defines its grading and points system on the key parameters of speed, distance and frequency of participation in timed events. Once the details are logged in, the website provides information of your progress in comparison to past performances. The landing page also hosts a leader board that features top runners. How cool is that?

 But wait. There’s more.
Apart from this new website, Puma has also introduced a new app, Pumatrac, which provides insights to runners on how external conditions (day of the week, location, weather) and personal behaviour (music choices, social media activity) affect their running performance. This kind of technological and social media interaction not just helps runners focus on the sport better, but also makes it an enjoyable and challenging experience.

So why are you waiting for the next marathon? Start training now.