Tumblr has long been the quintessential platform for opinionated people. From SJW to NSFW artists, this site is filled with all kinds of users. For better or for worse, unlike other popular platforms, this social media site allows adult content.

Recently, the website has announced a ban on all adult content effective from 17th December. This decision comes after the discovery of child pornography on this website.

Albeit, there is a difference between child pornography and adult content, Tumblr deemed the ban was the only way to eradicate the latter.

As per Tumblr’s New Community Guidelines, nipples in the context of breastfeeding, birth and post-surgery would be allowed. In regards to written content, erotica, nudity related to politics, and nudity found in sculptures and illustrations would be accepted.

This site has been porn heaven since it was founded it back in 2007. It has thrived on the concept of providing a creative outlet to its users– thanks to its unique identity as place for adult content. 

It is no suprise that the community was visibly engraged by this decision. People then took to Twitter to mock Tumblr’s move with #TumblrIsDeadParty: