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United Airlines Incident: 5 Other In-Flight Confrontations

A video of an Asian-origin man being dragged out of a United Airlines flight has gone viral on the internet

The video of an Asian-origin man being manhandled and dragged out of a United Airlines flight went viral on the internet on Monday. The incident reportedly took place when the air carrier overbooked the flight from Chicago to Louisville and had to remove passengers in order to accommodate United employees.


In the video, the man is seen screaming for help and later returning with blood on his face. While the CEO of the company has defended the actions of his employees, the jury will be out on which side was more at fault. Here’s what previous such events on Indian airlines have led to.

The unruly Parliamentarian

This incident made the headlines not too long ago as Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad was banned to fly by Air India after he allegedly hit one its employees with a slipper more than 20 times on one of the flights. After weeks of deliberation and ticket cancellations though, the ban was uplifted after written instructions from the Civil Aviation Ministry.

Not so funny Kapil Sharma

The setup was an Air India flight once again when the infamous brawl between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover took place recently. Sharma reportedly threw a shoe at Grover and repeatedly slapped him and hurled abuses at other team members while they were on the Melbourne-Delhi-Mumbai flight. Kapil is set to receive a notice from AI as a result.

The Chicken Tikka-gate

A Spice Jet passenger filed a lawsuit against three of its crew members in November last year. A sports anchor by profession, the customer alleged that he had a scuffle with the in-flight attendants after demanding a particular type of food item; after which he said that he was taken into a room and manhandled by security guards upon landing.

Foreign trouble

In the same week, five foreign nationals were booked for allegedly misbehaving with Air India cabin crew on board a Sydney-Delhi flight, according to authorities. Of the five passengers against whom complaint was filed, three were Australian nationals while one each from New Zealand and Italy.

The eve teasers

In November 2015, an FIR was filed against three passengers, including a Hindu Mahasabha state secretary, on an Indigo flight in Tamil Nadu for misbehaving with the attendants and passengers. The trio was reportedly drunk when they boarded the Coimbatore-Chennai flight and misbehaved with air hostesses and tried to take their pictures.

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