banana-republicWasn’t Social Network the ultimate ‘startup’ film? Or Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher? A bunch of guys, delegate responsibilities between themselves, to become one of the biggest brands in the world. That is the startup dream. You remember Jesse Eisenberg as the young Zuckerberg? A coder nerd, perennially in his hoodie-tee-baggy denims-sneakers, scrambling away on the laptop. Au contraire, Kutcher as Jobs, meeting the first client for his computers was a different picture. A slick button down, low waist khakis and penny loafers (albeit borrowed, of course). That’s where Jobs did right – and you’re doing wrong.

For their fall fashion line, Banana Republic has put together the ‘startup guy’ look. They say fashion is aspirational. No, tech geeks don’t wear this. But you might want to after you check the catalogue out. While for a large section of almost-thirties not caring about fashion is a fashion statement, BR thinks – and we agree – you can do better. After all, you are heading for the gold rush. Why not look good while doing it?

But what makes the ‘startup guy’ look different from the ‘business casual’ affair? Business magazine website, Fast Company dissects the look for us. So, rolled up khakis with loafers (no sneakers, please) is a start. Formal shorts are another cool addition. Knitted cardigans with round neck tees. Some wrist accessories. And half-tucked slim shirts amongst a few other things.

BR is trying to infuse some fashion sense into the silicon valley. We approve.