Everyone has had only one thing on their mind in the past couple of days. Will social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram get banned in India? This debate will not end shortly. These are some of the most prominent applications for social media interaction in India and worldwide. The one question on everyone’s mind is that if they get banned, what other alternatives are there for the country’s people to use?

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The Ministry of Media and Electronics had given the above-mentioned social media applications a new set of guidelines that they will have to follow. It was shared with them six months ago, and should have been applied by now. The deadline for that was May 25, 2021. The rules will be effective from tomorrow despite these companies seeking a total six-month delay in their implementation. 

On the other hand, WhatsApp has reached the Delhi High Court, seeking to remove one of the guidelines since it hampers the people’s privacy, which is a massive matter of concern. Privacy is every person’s right, and all the social media platforms and the Indian Government should respect that thing. If Whatsapp is right about one of those guidelines, the HC should review it and the other guidelines.

India is the second-largest country globally in terms of population, and has a large chunk of its population on social media. If the ban does occur, the Indian Government will have a big task on its heads to deliver something impossible and of improbable nature. They might find Indian alternatives for these applications, but those applications still might not be as good as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When the Indian Government banned Tik Tok, they said other similar Indian alternatives could be used like MX Taka Tak, Mauj, etc., but they haven’t lived up to their hype and expectations.

We still don’t know what will happen in the coming days, whether all these applications will be banned or continued with some policy changes.