Its been a series of firsts for the women in Saudi Arabia, thankfully all in a positive direction. The recent one being this, a 17-year-old model, Taleedah Tamer opened the show for Antonio Grimaldi at the Paris Fashion Week making her the first Saudi Arabian model to walk at an Haute Couture Fashion Week. In a community striving towards building a more inclusive environment, this comes as a step ahead. From getting license permits to walking the runway, Saudi women are putting themselves on the map and we are all here for it. 


“The Saudi woman has much to offer in many different aspects of the world and workplace. Saudis are very creative people; it’s in our blood. Today, we are seeing our talents showcased more on a global level rather than just regionally — and I think it’s really important that different aspects of the Saudi woman are showcased, but also that they’re enabled to do so.” said Tamer in an interview with Refinery29. 

The model has yet to sign with a model agency and has already appeared on the cover of an international magazine. 

Feature Image Credits: (@taleedah on Instagram)