To be in love with someone is the most beautiful thing ever, but there is a catch to the experience. Nothing hurts more than finding out that your partner is having a fling with someone other than you, as we all like to feel special and exclusive. While it is great to trust your woman blindly, certain situations or comments can trigger that moment of insecurity.

Let’s look at some signs that should prompt you to investigate further.

She Starts Being Extra Conscious About Her Looks Again

During the initial stages of your relationship, she liked to dress up for you. However, as time passed by, she became more casual and relaxed about her appearance. This is normal. So if she suddenly starts becoming a lot more conscious about the way she looks, it could be because she has a new romance brewing somewhere else.

She Changes Her Phone Password

You know her password, but then one day, it changes. Not many people like to change their passwords, so if your partner does it, there could be some reason behind it.

She Doesn’t Want To Have Sex

If she is not interested in having sex or appears disinterested about any fun activity, then it’s a red flag that could mean that she is getting her dose of adventure from somewhere else.

She Is Spending A Lot Of Money Without Your Knowledge

It’s normal to keep a track of where your partner’s money is getting spent, so if you suddenly see a lot of withdrawals in her passbook that look fishy, it’s time for you to have a conversation.

She Suddenly Starts Going On A Lot Of Trips

Earlier, there weren’t many business trips. But now, there seems to be one every month. Beware, she might just be giving you excuses to be with her partner.

All said and done, these are just signs. You may observe them even when your partner is not cheating on you. The only way to be sure and confront your partner, is if you find her with another man.