Sexting in any romantic/casual scenario is a weapon. It has the ability to make your relationship even stronger, if done right. And for those who’re still wondering what sexting is since they began reading this article, here’s a gist: sexting is a risque but totally doable technological tool in which you can splay with sexually suggestive texts and photos sent from your phone to your partner, potential or otherwise.

There isn’t a particular age limit to sexting. Whether you’re in high school or just people married for a long time, sexting works for everyone, even for strangers who have only exchanged eggplant and tongue emojis in the span of 24 hours.

Now that you’ve crawled out of your hole and know that such a thing exists, the only question remains is that how do you perfect the tool? There’s many ways to do it: you’ve got Instagram DMs, Snapchat, Whatsapp and even the good old email drop for vintage 90s vibe. For starters, here’s how you do it the right way:

-Avoid including your face in your photos, obviously. You don’t want to get hacked later and then feel guilty for doing it the first place. Not the most ideal plan for guilt that’s uncalled for.

-Do not harass her every five seconds asking her to send the next sext. A work of art takes time so be patient with them, just like actual sex.

-Try and test out your angles, spend a few minutes in the bathroom figuring out what you best assets are. It’s work, we get it. But try and make it fun. Who knows, your partner will do a dissection of your sexts with her girlfriends so make it worth their while. Also, let her not make it a habit.

-Do different things. Sure, the photos and videos work like a charm every time but try other tools like voice notes, Boomerang videos, slo-mo videos and more to keep things interesting. She will appreciate your tech-savvy ass even more for putting in effort.