A lot can happen at 40,00 feet.

Adventurous sex in the bedroom is a lot of fun as it is. There are so many ways a man (or woman) can master pleasures of the human flesh. Although, airborne sex apparently happens to be much more exciting.

Take it from one of Bollywood’s aces and Mile High Club member Sidharth Malhotra, himself. He has only praises for the enormous space in the washroom and the bedroom of an Air Bus plane.

While Sidharth doesn’t need to be a self-proclaimed pick-up artist, because well, he’s Sidharth Malhotra, a more layman version of him says that you can get a girl to have sex with you in the plane bathroom in under 45 minutes. The preferred outcome for him is called a ‘kiss-close’, where you at least get to make out after you play ‘the game’ on her. Does it work? Only one way to find out: find yourself a flight where the women are

According to a survey, a good 15% of flyers have witnessed sexual conduct on a plane. Another 5% have admitted to actually engaging in sexual activity. Most of these allegedly include bathroom sex, snuggling under  a blanket, younger guys hitting on older women and even women locking themselves in the loo for a considerable amount of time. Indians who participated in this survey also claimed to have even found partners through their in-flight sexcapades.

So what’s your mile high secret?

Image: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram