Are you the adventurous kinds who manage to fool around in the most implausible of places? If yes, then you’re doing it right. Otherwise, here’s a list of some bedroom alternatives to help you get started. 


Going down err…up

The elevator is a fantasy straight out of a movie; so if you’re getting sufficiently long amount of lone time in the lift, make the most of it. These things have cameras by the way, so you’d want to be a little careful.

Put this on (read take it off)

The ladies could actually use this strategy to get the guys accompany them on shopping more often. So go, utilise the opportunity on a less busy weekday. Shopping has never sounded so sexy!

On the go

The drive-to-a-quite-place hookups are passé now. Do one step better and dare to do it in a train or a bus or maybe even on a flight. There are plenty such stories coming from the Eurorail, for your information. Time for Eurotrip maybe?

Taking (or giving) a ride

Amusement parks are also full of potential hookup spots. Imagine being on a ferris wheel with your partner and then getting in on the act; exhilarating to say the least.

Into the wild

So you’re hiking together or are in the midst of a drive across the wilderness. Everywhere you look, there is nothing but nature and suddenly it manages to turn on the both of you. It could get really wild, this one!