If you think women only swoon over men with ripped physiques, think again. According to Pornhub, six-pack abs don’t feature in the most lusted-after body type list. And we aren’t kidding.

In an interview to the Daily Star, a Pornhub representative revealed the body type of men that women are most attracted to, and the results are pretty interesting.

According to them, chiseled body is a passé since quite a number of women search for “hairy” and “daddy”. It also emerged that women are partial to girl on girl action with search terms such as “lesbian” and “threesome” topping the list.

The leading daily also interviewed an evolutionary psychologist Nigel Barber who revealed how, “Fertility and kindness are also the key criteria in a long term relationship. Women are also drawn to men who are kind and look for cues to the man’s social success whether wealth, or intelligence”. 

So if you think only beefed-up workout fanatics get all female attention, this news may be a bit of a surprise for you.