You might not be reading your partner’s texts or secretly having a side fling, but you might just be indulging in this new form of infidelity by streaming a show ahead of date-night binging. And on Valentine’s Day, it has been revealed that India is home to the most number of such cheaters with 46 percent desi couples committing the act of Netflix cheating already.



Statistics also indicate that Indians are serial wrongdoers as around 25 percent have watched ahead four times or more. Around 38 percent have just tested the waters by watching ahead twice. But around two-thirds of the Indian internet junta wouldn’t mind cheating again if their partners wouldn’t know.



Find out what type of cheater you are by taking this Netflix survey. Meanwhile, here are some other interesting statistics from the dark record books of #NetflixCheating.



  • Comedy is the most-streamed genre by Indian couples (90 percent), followed by drama (64 percent) and sci-fi/fantasy (54 percent).
  • The inside jokes that watching together elicit was a reason to watch for 50 percent of Indian viewers
  • 79 percent said streaming was a way to spend time together, and 70 percent said it was a means of relaxing together
  • They cheated despite knowing that watching ahead would cause problems: only 9 percent thought their significant other wouldn’t mind, and 23 percent that the partner who fell asleep deserved to be cheated on!

Main image: Pinterest