The only thing that ruled November were the US elections, and that spilled onto porn as well. PornHub, one of the world’s most popular porn sites, has snitched on the 50 states of the country about their searches and trends.

The site cheekily said they couldn’t predict who each state voted for, but were able to see what each state was searching for during election week.

“A few of the terms were even election related. There’s no doubt that Florida was big into ‘Trump,’ Delaware was searching for ‘election’ and in D.C. people were more likely to search for ‘vote’ than any other state,” according to the press release.



The top search for Pennsylvania was “Fat Ass” while West Virginia hunted for “BBW” and Kansas searched for “Chubby.” A few other states went for more unconventional searches. For example, Rhode Island searched for “Pegging,” Arizonians surfed a lot for “Navajo,” New York residents were interested in “Foot Job.”

But some states had even weirder searches. Florida not only used their hands to vote for Trump, but for other reasons as well. The state’s biggest search trend was indeed “Trump.” Louisiana wasn’t done with the chicken trend and kept searching for “Popeyes,” Maine residents were going through unresolved issues and searching for “Daddy” videos, Georgia had “Tickling” at the top, Nevada was being narcissistic and searching for their own city of Vegas constantly, and California being California searched for “Swag.”



“Video games are always a popular search on Pornhub, with New Mexico distracting themselves with ‘Fortnite’ and Kentucky searching for ‘Among Us,’” they said.

Among Us, an online video game that launched in June of 2018, averages 115,000 searches daily on the website, according to Pornhub.


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