The Top 10 Jobs That Get The Most Right Swipes On Tinder

Apparently, men pursuing creative professions tend to get more right swipes

If you go online, you’ll find multiple Tinder ‘hacks’ – dubious links and articles and claim to have cracked the secret to getting multiple matches on the dating app. There’s always that one dude in your circle who boasts about being uber popular with the ladies on Tinder and well, as for the girls . . . the women on that app ‘match’ with almost every man.

So what is the secret? Hot pictures? Interesting bio? Or is it your profession? A recent survey has revealed that adding your job and professional pursuits to your profile is a big part of what gets you those coveted right swipes.

“In the context of starting conversations, your choice of career can give an insight into a person’s character, a glimpse into their lifestyle. People often feel it’s easier to communicate with someone who understands their career sensibilities and constraints and is most often a starting point for shared meaning narratives, which contribute towards eventual healthy relationships. Realistically, your choice of job also reflects passion and ambition – two factors that can be very appealing when choosing a potential partner,” says clinical psychologist Sonali Gupta.

Apparently, men pursuing creative professions tend to get more right swipes. “Men in creative professions may be considered more sensitive and communicative, and this could contribute to why women are swiping right,” Gupta explains.

As for the women – the jobs that are seen as most attractive are engineer, accountant and data analyst. “Men seem to be attracted to women who hold positions of authority and responsibility, which in turn reflects greater independence. This can be game changing and can contribute further to breaking gender hierarchies,” Gupta added.

The top 10 jobs are: