Actress Sapna Pabbi reveals the things men need to keep in mind about women. 

■ It’s not usually about what you’ve done, but rather that deer caught-in-headlights look that we get a kick out of.

■ Not all of us are cuddle sleepers, at least not all of the time. We too use Ross’s hug and roll.

■ Pictures with smiles catch our attention more than those awkward, constipated-face body shots you send us.

■ If we offer to pay at the end of the date, don’t actually let us. Say “OK, we’ll go halves” at most.

■ There are days when we don’t shower too.

■ We can ditch you for girl time too. It’s not you; it’s just us.

■ If you can refer to going to McDonald’s as going on an adventure, then you’ve got my attention.

■ We have the potential to do the same things you do on holiday.

■ We have passwords so you don’t see all those dodgy selfies we took and the sad songs we forgot to hide in our ‘other’ playlist. Basically, it’s a twoway street.

■ ‘Break up.’ — our advice to a girlfriend going through man problems.

■ Respect women — we are all different and beautiful in our own way and cannot be generalised. Respect for a woman is the most attractive thing a guy can wear.