Hello boys. Want some free fashion advice from one of the hottest ladies in B-town? Deepika Padukone is at her candid best when she dishes out tips, tricks and tut-tuts the biggest fashion faux pas men make.

  • It’s wake up time for anyone who equates style with money. Money gets you brands. Money also gets you the fanciest clothes on earth. But no amount of money can get you basic style.


  • Look for fashion advice if you are young and have just begun experimenting with your style. Read magazines; go through designer interviews; look at how the best dressed men actually dress. Ask a man whose style you admire.


  • Don’t every look like you have put too much effort into dressing up. Don’t even try too hard. Just evolve a style that’s easy and fun. It could also be conservative and elegant, but it has to come effortlessly to you.


  • Do us women a favour and get yourself a manicure. It won’t make you less of a man. But it will make you appear well groomed. Also, your hands make an impression on people, so don’t ignore them.


  • Understand your proportion and dress accordingly. Slim is great, but if you have a belly, it will look terrible when it sticks out from a slim shirt. There is no point wearing jackets with big shoulders if your shoulders are small. And don’t dress like a teenager if you are 30 and above.


  • I notice that men don’t pay too much attention to fits. I think style is ultimately about the fit. You can buy really expensive clothes, but if they don’t fit properly, it appears like wasted money.