Nikhil Agarwal, Sommelier &  Director, All Things Nice - allthingsnice.inThe fifth edition of the All Things Nice Wine Week (22-28th February) is on and for wine novices and connoisseurs alike, it is a fantastic time to enjoy, gain insight and experience the best of Indian and international wines. You will also enjoy discounts on all wines and relish the special menu curated by renowned chefs at 40 participating restaurants.

All Things Nice has been conceptualized by Nikhil Agarwal, a trained sommelier and connoisseur. Agarwal won the Wine Australia scholarship in 2012 and 2013 and Wine Australia made him their A+ Wine Educator in India. He also launched the first ever Indian Wine Consumers Choice Awards in 2012 and The All Things Nice Wine Week 2013 in Mumbai.

We catch up with Agarwal for an informal chat about wine, women and all things nice –

It’s my first date with this girl I really like but I don’t know much about wines. Which red and white would be the safest bet?
Forget the red or white, woo her with Champagne.

She has ordered a watermelon and feta salad and a pepper-crusted steak. I am really confused. Which wine goes best with both? Or should I order two different wines for the two courses?
The Champagne or any zippy (acidic) white will do well with the watermelon and feta. For the steak, I would recommend a robust red. Remember restaurants serve wine by the glass as well, if you don’t want to call for two separate bottles.

I want to sound like I know my wines. What should I be talking about?
Well if you know about wines, then you will know what to talk about. Why fake it? Perhaps you could both go on a wine discovery journey together.

I know I should order a white wine with dessert but she really seems to love the red we had with our mains (she had two glasses). What should I do? Is there a dessert that can go with a red? Or is there a white that will change her mind?
Dark chocolate and highly tannic red wine is divine. You could also do a fruity sparkling rose with a little residual sugar. Women love Moscato and Asti as well.

We are at my place and things are heating up…which wine will set the mood better?
High quality tequila is the answer. If vino is the way, I’m a big James Bond fan so I say a bottle of bubbly.

She is on my couch, taking her heels off…I have a bottle of red in my refrigerator. But which is the best finger food to go with right now? Also, I don’t want to fill my stomach up, you know…
Things are heating up and you’re thinking of food?

The lady is leading me to my bedroom. Should I have a bottle of wine in my hand? If yes, which?
Hmm…let me put some real thought into this. Take the bottle you were drinking on the couch with you.

It’s the morning after and I want to make her breakfast. What should I rustle up? And should I open a bottle of wine too?
Truffled eggs and of course, you should open a bottle of wine. I’m sticking to bubbly for the morning.

She just asked me to come over to her place tomorrow. Which wine should I take with me?
(Laughs) Redbull and ginseng.

She says she’s not a ‘wine person’. Which wine should I initiate her with?
Start her off with an easy drinking red like a Merlot or perhaps a Chenin Blanc or any other off dry wine.