Kanye West and Twitter don’t really mix well. The rapper has a history of tweeting out lines that almost always make headlines, as if his antics weren’t enough. This time, West delves into his personal life, tweeting his thoughts on his wife and his in-law.

There are a lot of things to process, so buckle up. In his latest Twitter rant, West said he wanted a divorce after Kim Kardashian’s affair with rapper Meek Mill, called his mother-in-law Kris Jenner “Kris Jong-Un” and her behaviour as “white supremacy at its highest,” claimed the movie Get Out is about him and ended it all with a tweet that read “says the future president.”

Apart from the “future president” tweet, every other tweet has been deleted since then.


West does have a new album coming out this week, and many have pointed out that this all could be to promote the album. But these are pretty wild tweets just to promote an album. Is it just a promotion or is it just Kanye West being Kanye West? Nobody knows, except Mr. West himself. We hope.


(Header Credit – Kim Kardashian, Instagram)