Image: Nuno Oliviera

A whole new side of our September cover star

If there’s anything that has dominated the entertainment news space over the past few months, nepotism takes the cake. However, keeping the long-drawn debate aside, one must wonder if celebrity star kids are anything like us, normal folks despite their very privileged upbringing, both personally and professionally.

MW’s September cover star and the lead in his upcoming movie Lucknow Central‘ Farhan Akhtar sat down with East India Comedy’s Sapan Verma, Azeem Banatwall and Sahil Shah to talking about their shady acting cameos and building connections. While our cover story dives deeper than that, you definitely don’t expect him to be as candid when he’s metaphorically cracking a cold one with the boys.

So when the actor/director’s obsession was pointed out to him, Farhan confessed to it. He apparently can’t get enough of cycling and that is probably a part of a Whatsapp group called Cycos, a very obvious play on the word ‘cycling’. Maybe that’s the secret to being fit at 43.

Here are some other revelations about Farhan we caught from the video.

Self-deprecating humour

Unlike several senior actors in the industry, Farhan is not one to be afraid to joke about himself as well as other people pulling his leg in his presence.

Social media regular

Again, not many celebrities like to engage with their notifications tab on their social media presence. Hell, some don’t even have a profile. But Farhan not only notices what his followers are writing to him, but also likes to point out the absurd things they express.

Auto rickshaw problems

To Mumbai’s auto rickshaw drivers, it doesn’t matter whether he’s famous or not. Because even if you’re not at fault for your own accident on a speed-breaker, the driver will make you feel guilty about it.

Bad style decisions

Just like any other man, in his younger days, Farhan also made a bad haircut decision which he eventually grew out of, literally.

Watch the full video here: