The Viral Fever’s Creative Director and Internet’s favourite Arnub, Biswapati Sarkar spoke to us about his biggest achievement, his fears and his favourite place on earth.

 What is keeping you busy these days?

I am developing a new show that goes on floors at the end of this month. So, I’m really busy with the writing and pre-production. I’m also reading and jamming on a few new projects, and researching startups for TVF Pitchers Season 2.

What is your biggest achievement?

Getting paid to do what I always aspired to. Waking up every day and working on something that is seen by millions of people is a great feeling.

What is your biggest regret?

Not realising the value of discipline and hard work, early in my career.

What is the one skill every man should have?

Being sensitive to what others feel. For me, it’s more of a skill than a quality, and I feel everybody should develop that.

What is your major flaw?

Over-analyzing things related to work. Till a point, it’s helpful. Beyond that, it is just plain misery.

What is the one thing you always desire?

A long career in writing and direction; telling stories I want to tell.

What are you always searching for?

That perfect scene. That perfect sentence. Most of the time, that perfect word.

Describe a life-changing experience.

Seeing a 50-year old mess worker, washing dishes in college. I realised that if he can work so diligently doing something he clearly didn’t aspire to, why can’t I put my life and soul in doing something I love?

What is your favourite place on earth?

Rourkela, my hometown.

What irritates you most about people?

A lot of people confuse humility with naivety and arrogance with superiority. When you are nice to people, they think less of you. I think they are so used to people being brash that professional courtesy reduces you from being nice people to excited teenagers.

What is the word/phrase you overuse the most?

“Basically” and “Ho jaega, karte hain.”

If you could be a historical figure for a day, who would it be?

Charlie Chaplin.

What are your fears?

One day, I wake up and forget how to write.

What is an overrated virtue, according to you?


One film you wish you were a part of?

I wish I had been a part of Lagaan, or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Seven Samurai.

The best piece of advice you’ve received?

I once asked Anurag Kashyap what I have to do to become a writer. He said ‘Write.’