Holiday destination

It would have to be Tokyo.

Shopping street

Ginza Street, which is one of Tokyo’s most famous upmarket shopping and dining districts.

Rumour you’ve heard about yourself

That I’m also a doctor.

Cuss word


Body part

The eyes.

Thing to wear to bed



(Laughs) Mom.


The 2007 film There Will Be Blood which was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and tells the story of a ruthless oil prospector who wants to become a powerful oil tycoon.


The day I dropped out of college to pursue music.

Cheat meal

That would be sushi.

Historical character

That would be Genghis Khan. He fascinates me because of the period of time that he existed in. It was truly one of the most brutal times in history and he found a way to unite many nationalities. There was a sense of organisation that the world had not seen at that time.

Instagram handle



Mercedes GLC AMG 43.

Piece of tech

My phone, the iPhone X. I love the iPhone’s interface. I also use a OnePlus 7 Pro because it has a better camera for sure.

Actor in the industry right now

Ayushmann Khurrana.

Thing in your closet right now

The Off-White jacket I have. It’s orange in colour and I love it.


MEtoA café in the centre of Ginza which is a very affluent neighbourhood in Tokyo. The café has great food. It’s the freshest food I’ve ever eaten. It’s also one of the few restaurants where I’ve seen a giant community table instead of individual tables.

Fashion accessory

I love sunglasses. I’ve got a Giorgio Armani pair which I really like. I’ve got some Gucci ones which I also like.

Side of the bed

The middle.