Colbeh in London. I can eat there every meal every day. It’s one of the things I look forward to when I go there.


Favourite holiday destination


Maldives. I love the ocean and the diving scene there and since it’s not too far from Mumbai, I keep going there almost every year. I also love London in the summer.


Rumour you’ve heard about yourself

Nothing that made it to my favourite list


Thing to wear to bed

Boxer shorts.



I just came back from an epic ride in the Alps, covering Switzerland, Italy and Austria.





The Matrix. I’ve watched it over 40 times but still love it as much as I did the first time.


Cuss word

 Duck (that’s what spell check does to it).



The birth of my beautiful daughter


Side of the bed

The right side.


Body part

My shoulders. It was probably my weakest when I started working out and now I enjoy training it the most and I like what I see.


Cheat meal

Paani Puri. I can’t get enough of it.


Shopping street


Oxford Street in London and Soho in New York. They have all my favourite stores in one area.


Instagram handle

9gag. You have to see it to know why.


Historical character



Shivaji Maharaj. All the stories I read about him were so cinematic and heroic. He is the only character from my textbooks that had a similar effect on my imagination like the heroes on screen did


Thing in your closet right now



My new sweatshirts. I think I’m going through a sweatshirt and shoes phase right now.