_MG_1422What’s keeping you busy these days?
All manner of activities around my film, Hunterrr. I am really busy shooting for promotional stills and sending responses to interviews, of course.

What’s your current state of mind?
Clear and focussed. Thankfully, I am not confused or agitated about anything. That feels good.

What do you regard as your biggest achievement to date?
Being able to make my dream of becoming an actor come true.

What is your biggest regret?
I regret the fact that I can be really lazy sometimes. I don’t like that.

One resolution you break often?
I always plan to drive more often, but that does not seem to happen. Something or the other always comes up.

What are you always searching for?
Addresses. I am horrible with directions.

What is the one thing every man should know about women?
Women are a lot tougher than we think they are. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating them.

What is the one thing you always desire?
Pizza from Metro Pizza, in Mumbai.

A recent film you wish you had been a part of?

Who is the most interesting man you’ve met to date?
My dad, actually. He is such a layered, complex and incredibly talented person. There is so much to learn from him.

What are your favourite vices?
I can’t really tell you. They are my deepest secrets.

What is the word/phrase you overuse the most?
“I’ll do it later.”

What would you want your epitaph to read?
Game changer.

Describe a life-changing experience.
A really bad personal relationship. But, when it ended, I actually became a better person.

What is your favourite place on earth?
My imagination.

What irritates you most about people?

One skill every man should possess?
Every man should be able to cook.

People who have inspired you in life?
Some of the influential figures would be Swami Vivekananda, Bob Marley, Dorian Yates… but there are many others, too.

What makes you happy?
The sight of my lovely wife and cats cuddling together. Nothing makes me happier.