_MG_2831-copy-copyWhat’s your current state of mind?
My film The Lunch Box has just released, it’s my daugh­ter’s first birthday in two days and I was shooting all day today. So, you could say, I’m feeling quite exhilarated.

What skill do you think every man should have?
A man should know how to love a woman, a child and a dog. Also, a man should know how to make good chai.

What’s the single-most im­portant thing that changed your life?
Becoming a dad.

What one thing should every man know about women?
I’ve been with the same woman for 12 years and I believe women always know more than you.

What’s the one word you overuse?
There are two, local and uni­versal. I’ve been using them at all the film festivals.

What’s your principal defect?
My handwriting. It is really bad.

If you had a chance to be some other living person, who would you be?
I would like to be me in 10 years.

Whose biopic would you like to see?
The person sitting next to me on the train’s.

What personal resolution do you break most often?
I don’t sleep on time. I aver­age about just five hours of sleep a night. I really need to start sleeping on time, and, actually, go to the gym.

What has been your biggest extravagance?
Books. I always bring back a lot of books whenever I’m travelling.

What is your biggest regret?
Right now, it would be not going to Mongolia when I had the chance. I was invited for the Ulaanbaatar Inter­national Film Festival this month with The Lunchbox, but I couldn’t go.

What one experience do you want to have before you die?
I would really like to own a vineyard.

What’s your favourite place on earth?
As much as I hate it some­times, it’s definitely Mumbai.

What irritates you most about life?
That it’s too short.

What would you like your epitaph to read?
“My wife’s waiting for me at home. Please don’t tell her you bumped into me here.”

What are you searching for?
I’m always looking for a good cup of coffee.

Which is the best script you’ve read?
Pan’s Labyrinth (by Guill­ermo del Toro).

What’s the best thing about working with Irrfan Khan?
Watching him pour his soul into his work.

What’s the one thing you miss from your childhood?
I really miss zero traffic in Bandra, where I live. And, I miss all the TV shows — Nukkad, WaglekiDuniya and Yeh Jo HaiZindagi.

What’s the latest act of kindness you witnessed? Danis
D Tanović offering to give me his Oscar. (Tanović, the Bosnian director who won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2001, for No Man’s Land, was a co-producer of The Lunchbox.)