Holiday destination


The Caribbean and Montreal. I love the food and the people from the Caribbean and I can go to Montreal any time.


Shopping street

Well, the best is in Delhi, if you think about it. It’s between Lajpat and Sarojini. There’s also one in Tokyo that’s endless.



Waking Life by Richard Linklater. This movie is one of the only movies, for me, that asks a lot of questions about us being here and also answers them.


Rumour you’ve heard about yourself

That I am good-looking. I’d like to hear more rumours about myself.


Cheat meal

Every meal is a cheat meal for me. I’ve been blessed with a high metabolism.


Cuss word

Bhosdika. It rolls off my tongue really nicely.


Body part

Hands. I have a hand fetish. I really fall for good-looking hands and feet.


Thing to wear to bed

 My red-checked pyjamas and nothing on top.


Fashion accessory

 My Ray-Bans would have to be my favourite.



The one where I told my parents that my film was getting into Cannes for the first time and the family meeting that we had after that. My best memories are always with my mum, dad and sister.


Historical character

I find Nefertiti amazing. She fascinates me. The other one is Nikola Tesla. He’s the one I’d like to sit and have a conversation with. I would also love to meet Kabir.


Porn category

I really like passionate stuff, so it would probably be like “passion with a GF” – those would be my keywords. I get turned on by foreplay. I need to be able to see them bond with each other. I need to see good acting.



My favourite would definitely be the 65 Chevy. I don’t think I’ve ever driven anything like it. It’s like a magic carpet, it’s like sitting on a cloud.



My favourite places to eat are from the lanes of Old Delhi.



A Caipirinha which is made with white rum. It’s a really yummy drink. It’s like nimbu paani and I can have ten of them and then I’ll take my shirt off and dance to Hrithik Roshan songs.


Instagram handle

I love the international space station’s Instagram handle. They keep posting about nebulae. That’s fun.



I have a 1-inch drone with a camera. The other thing I have is a quantum clock. It’s a clock which can’t go wrong because it doesn’t run on battery. It was made by a friend of mine who is an IIT student.



My sister, Chandni Arora, is my favourite actor. She does plays and is pretty killer.


Thing in your closet

It’s between my Gangnam style socks and a pair of handcuffs which were a gift.


Side of the bed

The side which is closer to the window.