In its own words, Goa Photo ( is a public photography festival that takes the medium outside the gallery, the studio, the museum and the archive. The first edition, from 25th February to 7th March, will feature works by 18 photographers, printed in large formats and on light boxes, and put up on building facades and city streets. With a focus on portraiture, the festival also gets some street cred by including two professional workshops in association with Magnum Photos.


Nina Röder
In Mutters Schuhe, Röder shows her mother’s life from three distinct perspectives: her grandmother’s, her mother’s and her own. She highlights self-reflective moments to explore how subjectivity and perspective affect the retelling of memories.


Sebastian Cortés
In the Sidhpur Series, Cortés looks at the Bohras in Sidhpur, Gujarat. Cortés gained access to their domestic spaces, which are an amalgamation of Islamic, Hindu, Persian and colonial styles, and was able to capture an intimate portrait of the people.


Max Pinckers
The Fourth Wall is Max Pinckers’s strategy for taking the viewer into the heart of Mumbai.


Meeri Koutaniemi
Hereros are an ethnic tribe from Namibia who were colonised by the Germans. This series profiles the influences from Victorian attire and German uniforms that have made their way into their clothes today.


Joël Tettamanti
In Kobo, Tettamanti builds a portrait of the Basotho people, in South Africa.


Andrés Figueroa
More than a century ago, close to the Atacama Desert, several religious celebrations were born because of the fusion of indigenous cultures and Catholicism. Desert Dancers creates an archive of the same with this series.

Image Courtesy Goa Photo