The times they are a changin’. We were pleasantly surprised to see a story on Punjab Sub-Inspector Manjit Kaur having a same-sex marriage with Pucca Baugh. What’s more heartening is the fact that the marriage was accepted by the families of both individuals, and the couple even got blessings.

In a country that is really harsh when it comes to treatment of queer individuals, such developments are really heartening to see. Approximately, a couple of years ago, we did a post on India’s first advertisement featuring a same-sex couple. It was by a brand called Anouk which sold its stuff on Myntra.

We also loved the new Vicks ad which showed a lot of empathy for the transgenders living among us.

After all, every human being has a right to choose their sexual orientation and live life the way they want to. Unless they are causing trouble for other people. We have no right to judge them.

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