David Blaine has frozen himself, buried himself alive, been shocked by one million volts, and a lot more. But this year, the illusionist wanted to take to the skies with his latest stunt. Aptly named Ascension, Blaine attempted to float across the sky by tying himself to balloons, and was successful.

Blaine live-streamed the whole stunt on YouTube, that ended up setting a new record as the most-watched YouTube Originals live event ever with over 770,000 viewers. Blaine ascended nearly 25,000 feet in the air with the help of the balloons, an altitude at which most commercial aircrafts fly.

Blaine floated in the air for almost 30 minutes, before releasing himself from the cluster of balloons and deploying a parachute to land.

“Wow, that was awesome,” Blaine yelled into his radio as he stood back on land.

This was David Blaine’s first live broadcast stunt since 2012, when he electrocuted himself for 72 hours by one million volts in New York. Blaine trained for two years and became a licensed pilot for Ascension.

Watch the entire live-stream below: