You’d assume that most billionaires don’t have a lot of time on their hands – until you come across Japan’s Yusaku Maezawa.

The zany, happy-go-lucky fashion mogul recently boarded a Russian spacecraft bound for the International Space Station. Since his incredible flight, he’s become something of a global sensation.
Here’s his first message to Earth, filmed by assistant and producer Yozo Hirano.

Make sure to turn on captions for English subtitles:

Wearing a ‘World Peace’ t-shirt with his personal logo, Maezawa seems unlike any other ISS presenter we’ve seen before. Unlike NASA’s scientists who generally explain their complicated jobs (along with cool zero-gravity science experiments), Maezawa approaches the experience of looking down on Earth with a mischievous, childlike wonder.
It’s in that spirit that Maezawa has called for his many fans to send in questions:

What Exactly Should we do in Space to Have Fun?

Maezawa’s very first choice was, unsurprisingly, to rush to the bathroom. It was a pretty long flight, after all!

In the video, he goes into a surprisingly detailed explanation of just how astronauts use the bathroom on the ISS. With a pretty hilarious demonstration of a ‘vacuum urinal’, Maezawa began to explain the unusual challenges associated with using a toilet in space.

Trust me – it’s pretty funny, until you suddenly realize that the toilet itself is a multi-million dollar feat of aerospace engineering.

Following this, Maezawa has uploaded another video of playing around in zero gravity. With a solid link to Twitter feeds down on Earth, he’s been pretty regular with updates – such as this stunning day-long timelapse from a nearby window.

With many more days to go, Maezawa’s streams are drawing attention from all over the world. He’s even suggested trying to cover the major AR game, Pokemon GO – which is currently an absolute sensation in India.
Would it track your location at all? Would it be able to notice you’re in space? Are there secret Pokemon to catch in space?
If you’re a fan of the beloved series, keep tuned to Maezawa’s fun updates.

(Image Sources: @yousuckMZ)