Another Premier League season has gone by, and it has been nothing short of a thrilling season overall. We have seen teams destined to be relegated to rise up the table, and some great teams of the league fall of grace. It was a very unusual Premier league season, which started in mid-September for the first time, and even the transfer window ended in the first week of October. But just like any other season, it was filled with goals, assists, saves, the drama, just like a regular season. Let’s get right into reviewing the 2020/21 Premier League season.

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Starting from the bottom of the table, the three relegated teams are Sheffield United, Fulham, and West Brom. The previous season for Sheffield United was nothing but full of accomplishments and praise, but this season has been quite a contrast. They have finished bottom of the league. The reasons for such a downgrade might be injuries to key players, no fans in the stadium, lack of squad depth in general. But such a contrast is rarely seen in the Premier League.

On the other hand, the other two teams, Fulham and West Brom, were sure-shot favourites to get relegated. They didn’t have the right players in the right areas, and didn’t invest much money in the transfer market. Their style of play was also very conservative, which led to the teams conceding many goals compared to others. These are a few things that the promoted teams should keep in mind. 

Moving forward, it was a regular season for teams like Burnley, Crystal Palace, Southampton, and Brighton. They usually find themselves fighting for relegation, but this year, the lack of competition in the lower half of the league helped them gain significant strides. At one point, Southampton looked like they would be Title contenders when they were top of the table at the starting months of the league. They couldn’t keep up with the high pressure games, which led to their downfall in the latter half of the season. Nonetheless, all these teams have made significant improvements in some areas of the pitch, which will make the league more competitive next season.  

It has been a mixed bag kind of a season for teams like Wolves, Newcastle, Aston Villa, and Everton. All of them have had topsy-turvy seasons, and at one point, Everton and Aston Villa found themselves at the top of the table, fighting for the title. Their inconsistent form throughout the season may have cost them a chance to play in Europe, but it has been an excellent season for them compared to the last one. Newcastle United has had a great season climbing the table but hasn’t looked all that convincing throughout. Wolves have had a fall from grace and have had a disappointing season overall. They were champions league hopefuls last season, and now they are just a mid-tier Premier League side. The injuries to key players and out-of-form players cost them a lot, but they are hoping to come back stronger next season.

Coming to the somewhat big teams of the league, teams like Leeds impressed us with their attacking style of play under Marcelo Bielsa and made sure they returned to the Premier league a long one rather than a short trip. On the other hand, Arsenal was just another disappointing season for them, finishing without a trophy and European qualification for next season. Tottenham has had an abysmal season as well. They have lost key players and will be losing players like Harry Kane next season. The impulsive behaviour by the top management at Spurs has cost them dearly. They are the first team to qualify for the European Conference League from the Premier League.

Let’s move on to the teams that have qualified for Europe this season. A big shout out to West Ham and David Moyes. They were on the brink of relegation last year, and this season has been quite a contrast for them. They have qualified for the Europa League for the first time in the 21st century, and it is a massive occasion for them. On the other hand, Leicester should be considered a top-six club, and their success over the years has been a significant one. They deserved to be in the champions league right now but have lost their lead again, just like last year. Chelsea and Liverpool end their season on a high by qualifying for the champions league and looking to improve on a mediocre season as per their standards.

Moving forward to the top two teams of the premier league, the Manchester clubs battled it out for the premier company. It wasn’t a desirable title race but proved that both groups could win the premier league title. City deserved to win the premier league with the season they had and still have a final champions league to play for. On the other hand, Manchester United would be looking for revenge next season by getting over Manchester City.

This was the Premier League season for this year, and fans can’t wait already to see their players back in action in a few months.