Even though athletes these days are fitter than ever before, the competitiveness has also increased and injuries are common. Recently, Fernando Torres collapsed to the ground after suffering a head collision while playing for Atletico Madrid against Deportivo La Coruna. Thankfully, Torres is safe and discharged from the hospital because the way he dropped to the ground gave Atletico players a real scare.

Phillip Hughes

While injuries are common, Phillip Hughes was unfortunate to be hit on the back of his head by a Sean Abbott bouncer during a Sheffield Shield game. Even though a helicopter was flown to the ground, Hughes succumbed to the injury and passed away.

Petr Cech

One of the reasons why Petr Cech still wears a head guard is because he had suffered a terrifying injury after Reading’s Stephen Hunt hit him on the head. Cech bounced back after the injury and was also the hero of Chelsea’s Champions League victory in 2012.  

Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher’s eyes were hit by a bail while playing against Somerset in a county game, and the incident forced him to retire from the game. “I have lost the lens, iris and pupil in my left eye. There was severe damage to my retina,” Boucher told reporters.

Steve Waugh-Jason Gillespie

If you see the collision between Steve Waugh and Jason Gilespie, it will send a chill down your spine. Both players were severely injured, and Waugh said he was lucky to be alive.

Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw suffered a double leg break during his team Manchester United’s game against PSV Eindhoven which made him fear that his career might be over. Thankfully, he was back in action after 10 months.