FIFA 21 is the latest version of the FIFA model. It comes in three different consoles and is also available in the PC version. It has arguably been the best FIFA game up to date with up to 11 game modes. This meant that the fans of the game could never get bored of playing it. We are going to take a look at the career mode side of the game. Career Mode gives us two options, either we can play a Manager career mode or a player career mode. In a player career mode, we can either create our own player or choose a real life player. This mode is pretty realistic since we can go out on loans to other teams and can submit a transfer request if we are unhappy at the club. In a manager career mode, our role is to choose the team we want to control, and we have all the transfers, squad building and our job is to take them to new heights.

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The top 5 players in the game with the highest potential are: –

5) Gianluigi Donnarumma (86 rated, 92 potential)

The 21-year-old AC Milan goalkeeper starts with an 86 rating, and if he reaches his potential, he can get a maximum rating of 92. He is the only goalkeeper in the game with a potential of more than 90. Since he is young and tall, he can be a good choice for the coveted GK spot. His height is unparalleled across the game and is known for his sweeping abilities. He also has a very good speed which is rarely seen in any goalkeepers.

4) Jadon Sancho (86 rated, 92 potential)

Jadon Sancho has burst on in real life, scoring goals and assisting in almost all of his games for Dortmund in the last two Bundesliga seasons. He has been given an 86 rating to start with and can reach a maximum of 92 in a few season’s time. He can play at various positions such as CAM, LM, RM, and RW, making him a versatile choice for gamers. He has also a four star skill move as well as four star weak foot, making him a lethal asset in front of goal.

3) Joao Felix (83 rated, 93 potential)

Joao Felix is one of the many great Portuguese players in the FIFA game and has been given a decent rating to start with. Considering his potential, he can be a go-to choice for gamers in the first season and build-up his potential rating in a few seasons. He can also play in a few positions such as CF, CAM, and ST. His preferred position is CF, which can play a vital role in some formations, even though he does not have the best heading abilities, but with his five star skill moves, he can dance the way through defences and score the goals for his team.

2) Erling Haaland (87 rated, 93 potential)

Haaland is one of the youngsters who burst into the football world like a balloon. He scored tons of goals from unheard angles and has earned himself a massive rating of 87 with a potential of 93. He can play in one striker formation as well as use a strike partner who he can assist. With his great physicality statistics, he is an excellent addition to the team. He is what any manager would want in his striker, with his great heading ability and brilliant shooting skills, it makes him a valuable player in front of goal.

1) Kylian Mbappe (90 rated, 95 potential)

Kylian Mbappe is the cover star of this year’s FIFA. Mbappe comes with a whopping rating of 90 with the highest potential in the game, 95. He can easily reach his potential within the first season. He can play at three different positions allowing the gamer to play other formations if wanted. He has the second highest pace in the game, and he can cut inside spaces pretty easily. He has a knack of destroying teams which are known for their defensive abilities. He is a gamer’s go-to man, if they have the money to purchase him, because he isn’t cheap in career mode in any season.

FIFA 21 Career Mode has certainly improved a lot for good over the last couple of years. They have added the likes of training, virtual sim, and youth academy to the fray. With the purchase of these five players, anyone’s team would look unstoppable.