Recently, a fire broke out in the hotel where MS Dhoni and his Jharkhand teammates (who were scheduled to play the semi-finals of Vijay Hazare trophy against Bengal) were staying. Thanks to the grace of god, none of the players were harmed. However, all teams aren’t just as lucky. In the past, several accidents have killed several players in several teams.

Let’s observe a moment of silence in the memory of those that were unfortunate to lose their lives.

1958 – Manchester United

Still remembered as one of the darkest days in the club’s history, the 1958 Munich air crash killed as many as eight players and three staff members.

2016 – Chapecoense Football Team

This tragedy took place as recently as last year. A human error from the pilot (he didn’t re-fuel) caused the death of 71 people, including most players of the Brazil’s Chapecoense Football Team.

1993 – Zambian National Football Team

In 1993, players of the Zambian football team were travelling to play a World Cup qualifier match against Senegal which was to be held in Dakar. Unfortunately, it was the last flight for those players as the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean and everyone on the plane died.

2011 – Yaroslavl Lokomotiv Hockey Team

Another plane crash, another horrifying tragedy. All of Russian ice hockey team Yaroslav Lokomotiv’s players died after a plane crash, which led to the team cancelling their participation from that season. The crash also killed players from other countries who had come to Russia to participate in the league.

1970 – Marshall Football Team

A film called We Are Marshall, starring Matthew McConaughey was made on this disaster. It took place in 1970, when a plane crash killed 37 players, the coaches and the flight crew making it one of the saddest incidents in sports history.