With Dangal and Sultan being superhits, India’s appetite for good wrestling has increased considerably over the last year. Which is why we’re really excited about Super Fight League which will begin on 20th January and go on till 25th February.

Like IPL and ISL, this league will have its share of celebrity owners too. Ajay Devgan will be the co-owner of Mumbai Maniacs, Arjun Rampal will be the co-owner of Delhi Heroes and Randeep Hooda will be the co-owner of Haryana Sultans. Each team will have five male fighters and one female fighter, competing in six different weight categories.  

“Super Fight League has been a phenomenal success in the United States and in India we aim to create a platform for the youth to showcase their talent at the highest level. We are confident that Super Fight League will create a vibrant sporting ecosystem in India enabling the youth across the nation to aspire,” said Amir Khan, SFL’s co-founder and two-time world boxing champion.

We really hope that the matches are as successful and exciting as Dangal and Sultan, and good fighters find the fame and fortune they deserve.