Alexander Zverev recently won his second ATP title by defeating Richard Gasquet in straight sets. The German is touted as one of the rising stars in world tennis, and with time on his side, we think he should be among the best in the world in the years to come. Chances of him winning Grand Slams and even reaching the No. 1 ranking are high, and here are some reasons why we think so.

He is young

At 19, Alexander Zverev belongs to a different generation than today’s leaders Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic who are nearing their 30s. Once their era passes by, Zverev can make big strides by polishing his game even further.

Tennis is in his blood

The German was born in a Tennis family, with his father Alexander Zverev Sr. also a professional Tennis player. His brother Mischa Zverev also plays Tennis, and recently recorded an upset victory over Andy Murray at the Australian Open. It’s safe to say that playing tennis is in his blood and the skills comes naturally to him.

He is already giving the big stars a run for their money

Already, Alexander Zverev has had matches where he has given big stars a run for their money. He pushed Rafael Nadal to his limit, in the 2017 Australian Open in a tough five-setter. Nadal eventually reached the finals, so you can say Zverev must have played at a very high level to give the Spaniard some headaches. Zverev also defeated Stan Wawrinka last year to win his first ATP title at St. Petersburg.

He is compared to the German legend Boris Becker

A lot of people have compared Zverev’s playing style to that of German legend Boris Becker. It’s huge considering Boris is considered one of the greatest of all time, and had won six grand slam titles. It’s a little premature to suggest that Zverev will match the great man’s achievements, but you never know.

He has got all aspects of the game covered

“He’s dangerous off both wings, with tremendous wingspan, a big serve and on-court presence. And he’s an excellent mover. His technique is second to none,” renowned Tennis analyst Patrick McEnroe was quoted as saying by The New York Times. With so much on his side at 19, it will be a shame if Zverev doesn’t match up to expectations and rise as a world champion.