Golden State Warriors have dominated the NBA (National Basketball Association) like no other team for nearly the whole 2010s decade. But in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, the Golden State Warriors team has been having a torrid time in the regular season. 

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Last year, it was understandable that their star player who led the court, Stephen Curry, was injured for more than 80 per cent of the season. Due to this horrific injury, his team didn’t do well regularly, and finished dead last in the Western Conference League. This season, Stephen Curry returned, and along with that, his task of carrying the team again began. He has less support than his usual team of champions, as most of them had left to play for other franchises. The most notable person who left was Kevin Durant, who, along with Curry, was one of the team’s mainstays. 

At the start of the season, Curry had an uphill task to take this mediocre Golden State Warrior’s side to the playoffs, and do the unlikely thing of winning the championship with them again. But he wasn’t able to do it, and he failed to take them to the playoffs. They fell at the last hurdle of the play-in tournament, where they lost both the games. If they had any one of those games, they would have been playing in the playoffs. Some Warriors players and fans might blame the new play-in tournament as their reason for their exit from the tournament. But at the same time, they need to look within themselves and see what is exactly going wrong. The team that went to five straight championship finals, where are those players now? The superstars who had their glory days with the franchise have left, playing with a one-person army. They have the time and the resources to see where they can improve and make those changes happen, even if it involves making harsh decisions. 

In the past, Golden State Warriors have reached the playoffs in seven out of these 10 seasons, and reached five consecutive NBA finals. They were only defeated twice out of these five times, proving their dominance in the league. Their team was full of stars in the court, and it was like watching an all-star game whenever the Golden State Warriors were playing. They played the 2017 season like no other team, winning 73 games out of the 82 games regular season. Along with this, they had an impeccable record of 16-1 in the playoffs, which hasn’t been matched or bettered. 

All the Warrior fans can only hope that Stephen Curry stays for a few more seasons and takes them back to the championship days of their history.