Things have really taken a turn for the worse for England and cricket after their humiliating defeat in Lagaan. Not only did they lose to a bunch of untrained villagers, now we hear that an English club needed only three runs from two overs and with seven wickets in hand . . . and they lost.

The Hindustan Times reports that the losing team (High Wycombe) were thrashed by Peterborough. High Wycombe actually managed 186 runs in 38 overs and lost only 3 wickets. They were well poised to win over Peterborough who had scored 188 runs.

However, in 11 balls, Wycombe lost seven wickets and suffered what can only be counted amongst the most shocking defeats in history. HT quotes a report in the Peterborough Telegraph stating that the team owes its victory heavily to 16-year-old Danyaal Malik who claimed three wickets in four balls.