Talk about dedication! According to a report in Indiatimes, a FIFA World Cup fan has collected a bottle of beer each from each of the 32 participating nations. We’ve all heard about things that fans have done to show their love and impress their idols but this takes things to another level altogether.

The man in question is a certain Gus Hully, a resident of Cheltenham in England and this stunt of his took months to complete. The news website further reports that he spent close to £500 (approx. Rs 45,000) on the whole shebang! To ensure that he’d succeed, he even travelled all the way to Paris and Barcelona to complete the task.


If this isn’t dedication, then what is? Oh, and he also has an index for all of you who want to repeat this moment.


“Hully has also tweeted that he plans to open each one as and when the nation gets knocked out from the competition,” states the Indiatimes report.