We live in weird times. It has come to a point where sporting leagues now need to revamp their misconduct rules to accommodate actions that may actually help transmit viruses. Football is the first sport to implement a bizarre, yet necessary rule.

According to the newly-released IFAB and FA rules, intentional coughing is placed in the same category of offenses as using offensive/insulting/abusive language and gestures.

Referees will have the responsibility of determining if the cough unintentional, or if it was purposefully directed at another player. The proximity to other players will be the defining factor that will help referees make the decision to pull out the red card or not. But the new rules also dictate that if the action did not deserve a red-card pullout, a curt warning could still be given for “unsporting behavior” as it “shows a lack of respect for the game.”

Spitting has still not been prohibited, but players have been strongly advised to refrain from doing so when on the field.